The Warm Heart Of Africa

Malawi is enticing. This warm heart of Africa beckons you, urges you to take time off and come on a holiday that will afford you a lifetime of memories. Come with your family or with that special person in your life, but come prepared to fall in love all over again.

About Mysterious Malawi

You’ll be enthralled by the friendly people, and welcomed with smiles and warm greetings – ‘nkulandirani‘. Wherever you go in Malawi, you will find this same warmth of welcome, an innate courtesy, and a desire to be of service to the visitor. Many Malawians speak English and, even in the more remote places, you’ll find someone coming forward, eager to show off his linguistic achievements.

The days are long and lazy, the clear, fresh water safe for swimming, and the gently shelving sands ideal for children. Watersports are enjoyed year round, and equipment is available for hire at all resorts.

It has a variety of natural environments. The central highlands separate the drier west from the wet east, and the south is semi arid. The North- east has a classically tropical climate and is covered in rainforests, that advance into magnificent reefs.

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