Romance is the main objective when planning a honeymoon – that’s why Madagascar makes for the perfect setting. For a honeymoon package that caters to the needs of a couple in love, Madagascar is the perfect destination. A tropical island honeymoon provides the perfect start to your new life together. Whether you plan to laze on the beach soaking up the sun, spend hours sipping on cocktails and making plans together or exploring the island’s unusual habitat, it’s a simple fact that your Madagascar honeymoon will not disappoint.

When considering Madagascar tours, you will discover that the island is a somewhat under rated affordable honeymoon destination. There’s great value for money to be found on this island with its sandy white beaches, romantic little chalets and its very own private nature reserve.

Madagascar is an unspoiled destination. The setting is rustic along with the accommodation and the infrastructure is minimalist, to say the least. This, however, does not detract from the fact that it’s one of Africa’s most stunning tropical islands and will provide the perfect remote, romantic honeymoon spot for you and your partner.

What to Expect When You Spend Your Honeymoon in Madagascar 

Madagascar is teeming with wildlife that’s unusual to Africa. While you will undoubtedly want to spend time on the beach, exploring the island’s wildlife is not to be missed. Wake up to the call of the Lemurs of Andasibe and prepare to be entertained by the dancing Sifakas as they carelessly bound along.  And that’s just the start to the unusual sights you will see in Madagascar.  Here’s what you can expect as honeymooners:

  • Cuisine: Madagascar experiences a fusion of foods influenced by African, French, Arab and Indonesian cultures. Many of the meals have a rice base and are served with vegetables, curries and a variety of herbs. The desserts are fruit and vanilla based.
  • Local Hospitality: The island’s locals are very warm and friendly. Malagasy is the the first language, with French being used for business.  English, however, is limited.
  • Beaches: The beaches are pristine and unspoiled. In many regards, Madagascar is the epitome of a tropical paradise.

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