Spectacular. Intense. Dramatic.

These are the words that describe a small island situated in the Indian Ocean Islands. Réunion is not one of the typical islands with white sandy beaches and coconut trees, but one with high mountain ranges up to 3000 m altitude.

Mountain Range Altitudes
of white or black sandy beaches.

About Magical Réunion

From the breathtaking contrasts of the 3 Cirques (Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos) to dense lush tropical forests, to the stark, smouldering lunar landscape of the “Plaine des Sables” and the Volcano, the 17 km of white or black sandy beaches, Reunion offers the visitor an extraordinary experience.

The mountainous relief allows you to take part in a wide variety of sporting activities such as hiking, mountain biking, canyoning and paragliding. The coastal areas are great for surfing, windsurfing, diving and water skiing, or you can simply relax on Reunion’s white beaches.

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 The island boasts a rich mixture of cultures – European, Chinese, Indian, and African, existing together in harmony and contributing to the riches of culinary traditions. The charm of the creole houses and the smell of the spices (saffron, vanilla, curry) will lend your holiday an exotic flavour!

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