All packages & tours are sold subject to our standard terms & conditions.

Reservations must be signed on a Booking form. After reconfirmation the contract between ourselves Animaltracks & Islandventures C.C. and the client is valid.


A 25 % non –refundable deposit is payable as stated on the booking form, unless otherwise stipulated on the reservation form. The balance must be paid 6 weeks prior to your departure. If payment is not received timeously Animaltracks & Islandventures c.c reserves the right to cancel any reservation. A 50 % deposit will be required if a booking is made 4 weeks prior to departure and is required within 48 hours of booking, and full payment is required immediately on confirmation of booking if made within 4 weeks from departure. If payment is made by credit card then the cc charges will be added to the full amount chargeable. Please note that Air Madagascar has a one month ticket liability.

Extra charges:

Where necessary, courier fees are for the Clients account.

Itinerary changes:

Animaltracks & Islandventures reserves the right to change any itinerary where this is in case of emergency due to unforeseen circumstances.


Animaltracks & Islandventures acts only as an agent for their principles so accepts no liability for loss or damages clients may suffer resulting from any such principles failing to fulfill their obligations; whether related to travel or sport arrangements; accommodation or other. Animaltracks & Islandventures shall not be liable for any loss, damage, delay, accident or inconveniences to any person, their property or luggage, including such that may arise through the negligence of Animaltracks & Islandventures or their principles unless provision to the contrary thereto is made. All clients shall be bound by the rules, regulations and conditions of contract laid down by any carrier on which he/she may travel as a result of reservations made, being free from any liability of any nature arising therefrom.

Client’s responsibility:

It is the client’s responsibility to obtain travel documents including a valid passport and air tickets.

Baggage & reconfirmations:

It is the client’s responsibility to check on all flight departure times with all airlines in case of unexpected schedule changes. Consult the airlines at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Delays and unused services:

Expenses incurred because of unexpected extensions to packages/tours caused by flight delays, bad weather, strikes or any other reason/s beyond Animaltracks & Islandventures’ control are for the client’s account. Unused services will not be refunded. Inclusive Tour Airfares are nonrefundable.


Quotes are given according to the exchange rates valid at the time the quotes are sent to the client. Animaltracks & Islandventures C.C. reserves the right to increase any prices where currency fluctuations occur, until such time that the company has been paid in full. It is the client’s responsibility to check on possible price increases prior to full payment. Airfares are subject to prices quoted by airlines and as such Animaltracks & Islandventures c.c. cannot accept responsibility for unexpected fare increases.


In accordance with International policy, Animaltracks & Islandventures reserves the right to, and is entitled to cancel any tour or package sold prior to departure. In such cases, Animaltracks & Islandventures c.c. is obliged to refund the client the full amount received from the client by that time and clients shall have no further claims against Animaltracks & Islandventures C.C.
Cancellation by passengers:

Unless otherwise stipulated, the following cancellation fees shall be charged by Animaltracks & Islandventures c.c. if a client cancels a reservation: (see travel insurance)

6 +weeks prior to departure : 25% of price

6 – 4 weeks prior to departure : 30% of price

4 – 2 weeks prior to departure : 50% of price

2 –1 weeks prior to departure : 90% of price.

Less than 1 week to departure :100 % of price


This contract is governed by South Africa Law. The client accepts the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of South Africa in respect of any action or proceedings arising out of, or connected with, this contract. Animaltracks & Islandventures c.c. may, at its option, institute such legal proceedings in any Magistrate’s Court having jurisdiction, notwithstanding that the amount in issue may exceed the limits of such jurisdiction.


Travel Insurance : Passengers are strongly recommended to take out travel insurance covering personal accident, medical expenses and loss of deposit or part of package price through unforeseen cancellations (cancellation & curtailment): Baggage insurance is recommended.